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If you are interested in contacting Dan Balk to purchase custom jewelry or take a jewelry class, call (813) 728-4325.


                 JEWELRY CLASS TIMES

               Classes offered 7 days a week by appointment


                      Monday - Friday

                        9:00 am - 1:00 pm

                        Saturday & Sunday

                        10:00 am - 2:00 pm



              All classes are private, one-on-one, instruction

Beginner Classes

(1) Intro. to Metalsmithing - Make a Pendant  $225.00
(2) Soldering - Make Rings                               $225.00
(3) Stone Setting - Bezel                                   $350.00

(4) Stone Setting - Prong                                  $350.00

                                         Class Price includes all supplies

  Add gemstones - Setting a stone $75.00


                We are also teaching ....


Advanced Metalsmithing

Couples Engagement Band

Couples Wedding Band

Parent / Child (13+)

Small Groups




Dan Balk's Jewelry Classes have been featured on Television throughout Tampa Bay on FOX News, Tampa Channel 13 with Charley Belcher on February 4th, 2014 and again on Janurary 26th, 2015.



                       Charley's World  6:00 am - 10:00 am

      TV interview Live in Dan Balk's Jewelry Studio



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                               ABOUT DAN



    Dan Balk is an award winning artist, designer and goldsmith, who creates unique, one-of-a-kind sculptural adornments. He begins each piece from raw materials from which he makes his own alloys of silver and gold. Then, working directly in these precious metals, without the use of molds or casting, Dan fashions each one of a kind piece of art jewelry. Dan hand selects and sets the finest diamonds and colored gemstones to accent each piece of sculpture, often times performing his own lapidary work on select stones. Influenced by natural, organic forms which are more consistent with human anatomy then traditional jewelry, each piece of modern contemporary fine art jewelry is created with emphasis on comfort, function and durability.


                 1418 Julie Lagoon Lutz, FL 33549


                              (813) 728-4325


                 Silver Jewelry Making Classes

       Taught by artist and designer goldsmith, Dan Balk

   Dan is enrolling beginner students, hobbyists, and the artistically adventurous to hand make jewelry in sterling silver in our 1-Day classes. Students discover new abilities to design and create their own piece of jewelry under the guidance of a professional jeweler.


   Dan Balk, has opened his jewelry studio for basic silversmithing classes 7 days a week, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. No experience is needed. Reservations are required. Each class is approximately 4 hours long. Students learn about jewelry in Dan Balk's fully equipped jewelry studio. Classes are one-on-one. 


   In the jewelry making classes, students will develop hands-on education in hand fabrication using raw materials. Students will gain awareness and practice in shop safety, design, creating silver sheets and wires, metal cutting, soldering and forming, and stone setting. Dan's classes focus on projects that students can complete and develop confidence. 


    "America has a rich heritage of fine craft that is in jeopardy of being lost." Dan offers his classes, "In an effort to preserve the traditional cultural arts of American crafts people. In an age where people are increasingly dependent upon computers, machines and mass produced goods, I believe it is extremely important to retain the time-honored skills of hand craftsmanship that have been passed down through hundreds of years from teacher to student." -Dan Balk


     Goldsmith and artist, Dan Balk, designs and fabricates every piece of jewelry from raw materials from his studio in Tampa, Florida. Each piece is one of a kind, designed by Dan, who creates his own sterling silver, 18K, and 14K alloys that he then fashions, mills, forges, fuses, and brazes into miniature sculptures for personal adornment. Dan selects and sets each stone, often performing his own lapidary work on select stones. Dan has complete contact and artistic connection with each piece of fine art jewelry from concept to collection.


     The first class is $225.00 per person and includes all supplies. Students will go home with their finished silver piece. The next class, soldering metal, is also $225.00 and includes all supplies. The next 2 classes are stone setting and are $350.00 each and includes all supplies. This can be a one day basic introduction for the novice to a 4 day basic intensive for the crafter/artisan. A $50 non-refundable reservation fee is needed to reserve your date. The balance is due by the date of the class.

For more information call Nataly Balk at (813) 728-4325.


Payment Types

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